I’m Gonna Uke….


We are offering a daily songwriting and ukulele camp for guests seeking to immerse themselves in the songwriting experience and the reward of playing music.  All ages and skill levels are welcome, including complete beginners! Ukuleles are affordable, fit in carry-on luggage, and are another way to connect to music. If you love music and want to learn how to jam with other musicians at this event and beyond, this class will start you down the path to a new form of artistic expression.

Sign up for the group here with Instructor Rachel Smith.

  About Your Mentor:

Rachel is a music instructor in the Albermarle Public Schools.  She has a degree in Music from James Madison University.  She offers adult enrichment music lessons, performs and arranges on bari saxophone , and is a touring musician with the group the Judy Chops.  We are excited to offer this new feature to our Time of Your Life events.