• You have a valid Passport
  • You have a flight booked for Jan 24-28 and have informed Michele @ Preferred Travel of your flight info so that the tour company can pick you up from the airport in Cancun and drive you to the hotel .  Call 703-644-6844 if you have questions.
  • Know the specific rules for baggage with your airline and international flights.  Make sure your Instrument is in something safe and meets the requirements for

carry on baggage.

  • Pack sunscreen that is safe for marine life.  Pack insect repellant as well.
  • Bring a bathing suit.  This party is about chilling by the pool, and the beach, and visiting cool places.
  • Bring spending money for shopping and excursions, and for tipping the staff at the resort.  There are several activities and cultural adventures that await you.  Tickets and tour fees may apply.  As for the resort, the drinks and food are all inclusive at the resort, but your off resort expenses are up to you.  It is nice to show our appreciation for the wonderful people who work hard to make sure all the amenities are available. Look below for more information on the restaurants.
  • Bring nice clothes to wear according to dress code of restaurants you choose to eat in at the resort.  Please read the dress codes for the restaurants and prepare accordingly.
  • Bottled water, beer, and soda are the safest bet when not on the resort for safe drinking.  Be cautions and consume safe foods and beverage choices.
  • Get a Flu shot if you want to reduce your risk while traveling, or preparing for travel


Please download
Check out this app for keeping all your travel experiences in one neat place!  We will try to pool pictures, chats, and hang out times within this app so everyone has a way to communicate as a group about our trip.  If we all can get included on the trip i created in the app, we will be able to chat , hang out, and even tell each other where we are.
  • DAILY MINGLES: A group chat and bulletin board will be available during the vacation to facilitate meet ups , spontaneous pool parties, tennis, long walks on the beach, and overall  mingling of the 50 friends on the trip.  Please check back here before the trip for exactly details. email if you have any questions.
  • Songwriter’s Grab bag.  Songwriter’s names go into a hat, random names are drawn as duos.  Go write a song together in the a very inspirational setting. Play songs for everyone on Sunday night and on Spaghettifest Radio select broadcast from the resort.
  • SAT Jan 26  LAS FRIAS 9pm: Midnight Spaghetti will perform in downtown Cancun  with The Judy Chops, Ben Kunkle, and Naveed Quarterman opening the show.  Transport to the event will be available through a shuttle service for $15 round trip.  The shuttle will pick everyone up at 8:15 from the hotel, and drop off at LAS FRIAS for concert .  To reserve your shuttle space early, please venmo $20 to @mickey-glago  or  paypal $20 to with your name so we can add you to the manifest. This funk ship is gonna set sail!
  • Want to party till you UKE? RACHEL SMITH WILL BE HOSTING NOVICE SONGWRITER UKULELE GROUP SESSIONS for the fun non performer guest who want to try their had at something new and rewarding.  Click here for more details.



These activities cost extra, and are not a part of the travel package, but well worth the fun.  Please read about the options and how long they take to properly calculate which days you will dedicate to excursions.  Time and party management in 4 days is critical.  Are you ready for the challenge?

1.TULUM & XEL-HA (ALL-INCLUSIVE) with dolphins  Operated by Olympus Tours TOP PICK Discover mysterious Tulum, the “Walled City,” a mystical place founded by the Mayans and the only pyramid in the world located on the top of a cliff, with an amazing view of the Mexican Caribbean. At Xel-Ha, spend a day of adventure enjoying natural, ecological, and aquatic attractions. Explore inlets, coves, cenotes, and mangroves, and sail along the lazy river on inner tubes. Enjoy lunch with an open bar, and swim in one of the largest natural aquariums in the world.

Culture & History; Adventure ACTIVITY LEVEL: Moderate

per person$198.00


2.RIVIERA MAYA HORSEBACK RIDING TOUR Operated by Olympus Tours Embark on a 90-minute horseback riding tour through the Mayan jungle in Cancun. The excursion starts from a private beach and takes you riding through the tropical jungle, past hidden sinkholes on the Yucatan Peninsula. Bottled water, soft drinks, and snack are included. No experience is needed – there is the right horse for everyone!





3.DOLPHIN SWIM ADVENTURE Operated by Olympus Tours Experience the action and feel the emotion of swimming with dolphins in the ocean in this unforgettable experience. Your friendly dolphin greets you with a kiss and a handshake, followed by a belly ride and boogie board pushes. Enjoy and entertain each other during freestyle playtime. Put on snorkeling gear and see the dolphin do corkscrews and speed runs, demonstrating its amazing agility.:

Per person 162.00


4.CHICHEN ITZA TOUR Operated by Olympus Tours TOP PICK Dedicated to the worship of Kukulcan, the feathered serpent god, Chichen Itza was the most important civic and religious center of the Mayans and was known also as the capital of the Mayan Empire. This was also the destination of pilgrims from all regions of Mesoamerica and the object of numerous studies of solar and astronomical symbolism. This tour is an adventure full of mystical myths, charm and fascination. Per person 114.00


5.COBA MAYAN ENCOUNTER Operated by Olympus Tours Experience the richness of the Mayan world. Explore the ruins of Coba and climb Chimuch, the tallest pyramid in the northern part of the Yucatán Peninsula. Visit a Mayan village and participate in the preservation of their cultural and natural heritage. Soar on a zip-line above the jungle and make a thrilling rappel before paddling on a lagoon of enormous beauty. Finish the day by swimming in the transparency of age-old cenotes. Per person 133.00


6.Fishing  4 hours  shared

per person $129.00  sign up for the FRIDAY GROUP HERE!

ATV and Zip Line

per person $124.00



Remember to act respectful and know your limits when enjoying all inclusive amenities.  In other words, don’t be “that person”.   Although this is a group travel experience, you are responsible for your own actions on vacation.   Remember to read over all laws and resort rules that apply to your experience in this amazing country.

All Guests:  Thank you for joining us on this awesome party in paradise.  There are a lot of activities that will be available here on the website for those joining us.

Musicians :  we are bringing instruments on vacation to mingle with each other and to perform at our own private event at the resort.  The resort has specific rules about outside musicians entertaining their other guest.  Please remember to respectfully collaborate , compose, or play your instruments in private settings.  Although it seems enticing to perform or jam in front of others while there, we must respect that other people are there to vacation and are not a part of our festivities.  (secluded beach spots, quiet conversation level writing, or even a park bench somewhere on the property out of the way of  patrons trying to peacefully relax are the best options when using voices or instruments that could project.



Dining & Drinks

Gourmet Dining


An international array of specialty dining options await you, with no reservations required. Now Jade Riviera Cancun features six à la carte restaurants, a buffet and a café. Or you can enjoy a delicious meal in the privacy of your suite. Your Unlimited-Luxury® amenities include all snacks and meals. 24-hour dining options allow guests to enjoy late night bites at the Coco Café. Or stay in and order room service. It’s all available at any hour day or night.

Barefoot Grill |
Grilled Favorites Served Poolside
Capers | Italian Cuisine
Capers |
Italian Cuisine
Carnival | International Buffet
Carnival |
International Buffet
Castaways | Sandwiches & Gourmet Favorites
Castaways |
Sandwiches & Gourmet Favorites
Cin Cin | Mediterranean Cuisine & Private Dining
Cin Cin |
Mediterranean Cuisine & Private Dining
Coco Café | Premium Coffee & Deli Snacks
Coco Café |
Premium Coffee & Deli Snacks
Mercure | French Cuisine
Mercure |
French Cuisine
Spice | Asian Cuisine
Spice |
Asian Cuisine
Tamarindo | Mexican Cuisine
Tamarindo |
Mexican Cuisine



Enjoy dinner, cocktails and live entertainment at one of our neighboring resorts during your stay. Choose from:

Sip, Savor & See Dining Experience Details

The Sip, Savor & See Dining Experience is only good for dinner. This is not a day pass. Guests must make arrangements through the resort concierge by 3 p.m. Guests may choose to dine at any of the restaurants that are serving dinner. Guests are responsible for cost of transportation to and from the resort. A maximum of 4 people are allowed per seating. Special restrictions may apply for Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners and special events. Guests can utilize the facilities at the resort they are visiting from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., including bars and theater.