For the first time, we are offering a daily songwriting and ukulele camp for guests seeking to immerse themselves in the songwriting experience and the reward of playing music.  All ages and skill levels are welcome, including complete beginners! Ukuleles are affordable, fit in carry-on luggage, and are another way to connect to music. If you love music and want to learn how to jam with other musicians at this event and beyond, this class will start you down the path to a new form of artistic expression.


Position:  Group Music Teacher

Location:  Riviera Maya

Duration:  January 24-28, 2019

Application period: November 1-20, 2018

Compensation:  Applicant agrees to teach and participate in professional artists’ events in exchange for flight, meals, room, and board for four days


Class:  Intro to Ukulele and Songwriting


This class is an introduction to the ukulele and will provide instant access to making music for participants on the trip who are fans and friends of the professional musicians attending.  Class focus will include decoding chord charts and traditional notation, strumming patterns, and beginning songwriting. Students will use popular contemporary songs as well as folk songs already in their musical vernacular to help access fluency on the ukulele.  


Individuals in the class will have the opportunity to perform the songs (alone and/or in groups) they wrote on the final day of the event, as well as evening jam session opportunities with classmates and on-site professional musicians.

Instructor requirements:

  • Degree in Music Education and/or experience in private large group music instruction
  • Intermediate to professional ukulele proficiency, and professional proficiency on at least one additional instrument (string, brass, woodwind, piano, or voice)
  • Experience arranging and writing music and lyrics
  • Participate in performer and artist activities
  • Assist event host coordinating students as well as artist performances and activities
  • Willing to teach in an outdoor classroom setting
  • Communicate with registered students prior to the trip and provide them with resources and options for purchasing a ukulele of their choosing

Learning music as an adult can enhance our understanding of the world around us, provide opportunities to interact with people in new and meaningful ways, and improve our quality of life.


To apply for this position please send a cover letter and resume to Mickey Glago.



One person will be selected to assist Mickey Glago with coordinating Day of Show requirements at main event, help organize group excursions, songwriting team challenges,  and assist in documenting group performances for archival and social media purposes.


Position:  Event Coordinator Assistant

Location:  Riviera Maya

Duration:  January 24-28, 2019

Application period: November 1-10, 2018

Compensation Applicant agrees to assist event promoter as described  in exchange for flight, meals, room, and board for four days.


  • Min  5 years experience with event management  including sound, lighting, and event promotion/booking.
  • Experience arranging and writing music / songwriting
  • Willing to organize and communicate with over 40 musicians and guest who are registered for activities offered during 4 days.
  • Respond to all guest inquiries.  Attend all classes and events.



To apply for this position please send a cover letter and resume to Mickey Glago.