Posted July 16, 2018 at 8:20 am

Dear friends and dedicated Spaghettifest family,
For 15 consecutive years, Midnight Spaghetti has had the honor of presenting music in the Shenandoah Valley independent of sponsors, and solely produced by Midnight Spaghetti Productions. Spaghettifest 1 began as a dream and senior project and developed into the “The Party of the Year”. We believe Spaghettifest is the greatest pure music community experience. That is a credit to the amazing people who make it an extended family scene annually, and to the new people curious enough to join us and become a part of our world.For a decade and a half we have had the honor of sloshing in mud,sharing conversation under umbrellas,basking in sunshine (rarely,but it happened), and mostly shared our hearts through music.
After great reflection, it is time for Spaghettifest to change course, and evolve. For the first time in the band’s existence, we will not be hosting a fall camping Spaghettifest in 2018. While this brings mixed emotions to artists, fans, and even the hosts. Midnight Spaghetti will be returning to a more steady performance schedule in the fall, promoting music that will be heard on a 3rd studio album in production now. This is not the end to the camping and music community of Spaghettifest, but a chance to reinvent the Spaghettifest Experience, and create unique memories for artist and fans who believe in the Midnight Spaghetti culture as much as we do. We also are very excited to return to the performance schedule and intensity that inspires our music and stories.
In the coming year, we have planned concert experiences that are going to be part of a new wave of Spaghettifest/Midnight Spaghetti events, and will be expanding our Spaghettifest Radio online programming. Stick with us, listen to our show, listen and purchase our albums, and be proud of the shirts you wear that remind you that you are a part of foundation of a musical journey only getting started. JOIN US FOR A SPAGHETTIFEST TRAVEL EVENT COMING SOON!